We understand the need for reliable, uninterrupted service. VoIP services have changed dramatically in recent years. Many Front Range businesses look to us to help them navigate available options, which are often complicated and difficult to understand.

Voice & Internet

Your organization needs more than one solution to ultimately get your operations to where you want them to be. Perhaps you want a more viable voice communication system in addition to a stronger data network.

Structured Cabling

Network cabling simply refers to the cabling system or wiring, (also known as CAT5, CAT6 and/or fiber optic cable) that is installed throughout your premise.

Our Services

About US

BusinessNet is an operator with branchs in Brazil and USA.

With its main business being the wholesale and retail market, we provide voice and data solution worldwide.
Over the years we have build a network to terminate voice calls for fixed, celular, cli and non-cli routes. We also have built a network with fiber optics and microwave radio to offer data product solutions for our costumers as well as Data Center and collocation products.

Voice Termination

Termination Non - Cli
Termination Cli
Termination TDM (E1 ISDN)
Fixed Termination A-Z
Data Product
Data Center

All of our products and services, we offer:

24x7 support
Web access
SLA according